Terry Cotton Mattress Protector for King Size Bed

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Size : King Bed, Suitable for Mattress Size 72 x 78 Inches

Your mattress is costly and it needs to be safe with the best. Sassoon Water proof hypo allergic Colling terry mattress protector. Waterproof : 100% Water proof and absolutely no sound. Hypoallergic : Prevents allergens like pollen or dust mites and bacteria to enter the mattress. - Cool and breathable. Terry cloth keeps it cool throughout night while TPU layer beneath keeps it breathable. Not like conventional plastic films. Quality : Made using high GSM high quality terry fabric with TPU film. The feel is very soft. Person sleeping on it will not realize if he/she is sleeping on a mattress protector. It feels like a nice cover to mattress. Mattress protector is good for kids, pets, pregnant mothers, grand parents and any accidental spill over of liquid on mattress.

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