5 types of towels you must have

Towels are an essential accessory for personal hygiene. An accessory used by everyone around the globe, people usually own a single towel and use it for multiple purposes. But in doing so they sometimes compromise the purpose of maintaining good hygiene in spite of a good quality towel. 

There are many factors that you need to consider while buying towels but you need to understand it is not a good hygiene practice to use a single towel for different purposes.

Here are 5 types of towels you must have for daily use:

Gym Towel - We are familiar with the fact that gym towels are supposed to be extra absorbent. When buying one you should avoid long length fibres because fibre moustache does not look good on anyone. Most importantly you should also check for anti-bacterial properties as the sweat and moisture provide an excellent breeding ground for fungi.

cooling towel Gym towel  Sassoon Gym Towel  cooling towel by Sassoon  Gym towels by Sassoon


Travelling Towels - Yes, there are travelling towels and believe us it will be worthwhile for you to have one. Travel towels are different from regular use towels, the properties you should look for are lightweight, small-sized and quick dry. It is a good habit to carry your own towel as sharing towels is not recommended by skin experts.

There are a variety of travelling towels available in the market with a range of quality. Our recommendation is to buy a microfibre towel as they are super absorbent and easily dryable.

travel towel  blue travel towel  red towel for travelling purpose  lemon travelling towel from sassoon  towel for travelling

 Range of Travelling towel from Sassoon

Beach towels - Bright colors and cool prints is what comes to our mind when we first think about a beach towel but is it just limited to that? With sand, moist air and insects in the ground you need to make sure to select the right beach towel. Towels with anti-bacterial and quick-dry properties are the ones you must have in a towel collection.

Beach towel   beach towel with butterfly print  beach towel with flower print  new design beach towel

 Beach Towel range

Hand Towels - With frequent and regular usage hand towels have become an important part of our daily hygiene routine. You need to make sure it remains fresh and bacteria-free for the long run. You can go for a micro-fibre hand towel with high GSM with properties of quick-dry to make sure it remains fresh with every use.

Bathrobe - Imagine you just took a long shower after a long tiring day and to pamper yourself you wear a soft and comfortable bathrobe. Ah, pampering oneself is just too good!. Good quality bathrobes give your skin time to breathe and make you feel refreshed and relaxed. Thickness and material used to make the bathrobe as these attributed depends on the geographical location and reason for use and do keep that in mind when buying one.

unisex bathrobe with slippers  bathrobe with head wrap  women bathrobe with slippers  unisex bathrobe with head wrap    

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