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Bath Robes For Women And Men

Bath Robes For Women & Men: A Match Made In Heaven

Bathrobes come in different styles and materials. Amp up your style game and get one women's bathrobe to feel more lady-like as they are designed with delicacy. Caldesonia Microfiber Bath Wrap with slippers is a lifesaver when it comes to indulging in self-care. While it absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water, the cute top buttons add oomph to the lovely and elegant look. Amazingly, it includes slippers for extra comfort and complete coverage after a shower.

Men who prefer classy, stylish, and dashing masculine looks, may choose bath robe men. Of course, buying a bathrobe set for a couple can be an exciting experience for couples. Whether you are planning a couple of trip or just another romantic bath experience, the Anatolia Cotton Bathrobe Set for Couples will give an undoubted experience with unparalleled coziness and luxury. From movie nights to sitting around the pool or shower, this bathrobe will keep you warm and cosy. Couple bath robe are available in different color combinations with a shawl collar, 2 big pockets, and a belt.

Embracing The Bath Robe Lifestyle

The bath robe isn’t a piece of garments, but they are extremely essential parts of a luxurious bathing experience. Let’s be honest to answer, don’t you feel good about trying a bathrobe in a hotel room? If yes, why don’t you try getting one for your daily use at home? If you are still unsure about how to use a bathrobe, continue to read to know more about it. At Sassoon, we are your bathrobe experts to hear and answer all your concerns.

Are Bath Robes Worth It?

While you must have heard about bath robes, most individuals don’t believe in owning one for themselves as they are still not aware of the wonders this piece of clothing can do.

It might sound like a fancy piece of clothing, but it is much beyond it and we have reasons why bathrobes are worth it.

  • Bathrobes help to keep the body warm after a bath, especially on cold days when you may feel too lazy to take a bath.
  • It allows you to dry up right after you take a shower.
  • Bathrobes for women are an excellent option as women can continue to wear a bathrobe for doing their regular makeup. This shall avoid makeup stains on your clothes.

Our customers felt that wearing a bathrobe right after a shower feels like receiving a warm hug. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself.

The Chosen One

Since there are numerous different bathrobe materials for you to choose, it might leave you wondering what’s the best for you. At Sassoons, we ensure bath robes are made from high-quality material while we nurture our love for the environment. Hence, to avoid any confusion, we have prepared a guide for what fabric you can choose for bathrobe.

Cotton Robes: Versatility & Comfort

Cotton is one of the most popular bathrobe materials used worldwide. As it provides everything a bathrobe should, at Sassoon, we make a terry cotton bath robe.

Cotton terry cloth is well known for its absorption qualities. Made with Turkish cotton, it is lightweight, and good to keep you warm and dry after a hot shower. Anatolia Unisex Terry Cotton Bathrobe is crafted with 100% terry cotton with substantial 500 GSM to ensure exceptional water absorption and durability.

Microfiber: The Luxurious One

If you want luxury, microfiber bath robes for women and men are delicate, light, breathable, and classy. They are getting popular among bath robes, microfiber robes are relaxing treat for the body. Microfiber bath robes like Caldezonia Unisex Microfiber bath robe with slippers seep moisture into the fiber. The material is highly resistant to mold and mildew, so you will never have to worry about skin issues if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, the material is better at resisting stains.

Bamboo: The Unique Bathrobe Material 

If you are someone who prefers to lounge around the house for lazy weekends, bamboo bath robes are just for you. Bamboo bath robes like the ultra-soft Sassoon is a natural solution for those having sensitive skin. No wriggling or itching, but rather a sumptuous feel. Moreover, these bath robes have the capability of regulating your temperature such that whether your living room is a little chilly or warm, the robe will keep you right.

Is a Bathrobe Better Than a Towel

The post-shower choice of a towel or bathrobe is a subtle luxury that most of us overlook. Surprisingly, it has the potential to transform your post-shower experience from routine to remarkable. 

Of course, you have faced the dilemma of grabbing a bath towel or wearing a bathrobe. Towels have been a staple in every bathroom for their versatility. Whether it is laying on a sun lounger, wrapping around the waist, drying hair or just wiping off hands, a towel’s versatility is unbeaten. Despite this, if you seek a touch of luxury combined with warmth after a shower, choose a bathrobe. Imagine yourself being engulfed in soft, cozy fabric offering you warmth and protection.

Join the Team Sassoons

We guarantee you that there’s no going back once you get yourself the perfect bathrobe. If you have never tried a bathrobe, you are lucky because at Sassoons we provide stylish, quality bathrobes to make your bath experience luxurious every day. And by the way, there are zero chances of disappointment!