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Pet Towel

Understanding Your Pet’s Need For A Separate Pet Towel

We are providing premium quality microfiber pet towels in small, large, and medium sizes.

If you are a pet owner, you know that you will have to bathe your dog at home rather than take it to a spa every day. While it will save you a lot of money, it will also give you some extra playtime with your loved pet. As you wash and dry your canine companion, remember that its needs are different from yours just as pets have different skin textures. For this reason, they shall need a separate pet towel rather than using the same human towels as you do.

Pets vary in size, hair texture, shedding, and menstruation habits. Irrespective of your pet’s breed, you should not be sharing linen. Human towels are meant to absorb water from the skin with a small amount of hair. A pet’s body is covered with fur and thus holds way more water, so you could end up using two or three standard human towels to dry a wet pup. Investing in the right pet towel can make cleaning up after an at-home grooming session much easier.  

Shop Ultra Soft Microfiber Pet Towel

Humans use cotton towels as they find them comfortable and absorbent without being abrasive. Pets especially dogs have a coat of fur. So their wet bodies need heavier-duty dryers than humans. Sassoon pet towels are made up of microfiber it is way more absorbent than cotton. Here is a 

  • Microfiber towels are an effortless alternative to wasting several cotton human towels after a home bath.
  • They dry quickly and are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can choose a color that attracts your pet the most.
  • They are ideally suitable for both professional and home pet grooming.
  • If you decide to invest in microfiber towels for your pets, your cotton bath towels will have a longer life span. So, save them for yourself!

Why Use Microfibre For Pet Towel

Microfiber resembles a lot of different materials like polyester. Before you evaluate what is best for your pet, you must know that microfiber material is a woven fabric that consists of polyester and nylon. Together, it create a strong yet flexible and ultra-absorbent material.

While different manufacturers use different blends for microfiber production, Sassoon's microfibre pet towels are manufactured to have lots of positive electric charges that attract dirt. As dirt and debris clinches to the towel, it enables microfiber to clean dry your pet effectively. Moreover, microfiber is approximately one-sixteenth of human hair in thickness. For this reason, it is four times more effective as a cleaning towel.

Now you know microfiber is a sturdy and flexible material, but do you know it is the best for your dog? Know the facts;

  • A typical microfiber pet towel contains more than 2 lakh fibers in every inch. This means it is capable of absorbing more than its weight.
  • Research has proved that microfiber is an excellent material for disinfecting and ensuring safety. It is 99 percent effective in removing bacteria.
  • Microfiber towels are perfect for sensitive and furry bodies. It will not irritate any dog skin snag or cause discomfort of any sort.
  • The initial cost of microfiber towels may be higher than cotton towels, but once bought, you’ll be saving money over time. They are long-lasting, can be washed frequently in a machine, and take less time to dry.
  • Microfiber is environmentally friendly to as you don’t have to waste water in cleaning them and it helps to maintain toxic-free cleaning.

    Wash Care Instructions For Dog Towel

    It is crucial to know proper methods and considerations when it comes to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Just like humans, pets too appreciate clean and fresh surroundings. Therefore regularly washing your dog’s towel and bedding is important. Dirty and unwashed items can harbor bacteria, allergens, and even pests that can pose a risk to a pet’s well-being.

    Washing your dog towel regularly can prevent the spread of dirt and potential allergens throughout the household. This is particularly important if your furry friend loves to play outdoors. 

    Moreover, proper washing can help to prevent the build-up of odors, stains, and wear and tear, ensuring that pet towels remain functional and comfortable for a longer duration.

    Here are a few washing instructions for fresh-smelling towels:

    • Before you begin the washing process, shake out the towel outdoors to remove any loose hair or debris. Use a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner to eliminate pet hair.
    • If there are stains on pet towels, pre-treat them by applying a small amount of stain remover (for sensitive skin) on affected areas and gently rub it. Allow the stain remover to infiltrate the fabric for a few minutes.
    • Choose a gentle wash cycle in the washing machine and ensure there is enough space for them to move freely. Prefer to add lukewarm water.
    • Add detergent which is suitable for sensitive skin as adding strong detergents can harm a dog’s skin.
    • After completing the wash cycle, remove the items from the machine and dry them in either a dryer on a low heat setting or by hanging them on a clothesline. Do not use towels until they are completely dry.

    It is recommended to avoid washing pet towels with human towels. Dog towels may contain bacteria, allergens, and residual hair that could be transferred to human towels during the washing process.

    Why Choose Sassoons Pet Towel?

    Sassoons is a perfect choice for your pet’s hygiene needs and so we manufacture premium-quality microfiber pet towels with high-quality materials. We offer fast shipping, free delivery on eligible orders, and responsive customer service.

    Our practical solutions for pets with bladder control issues. Investing in the right quality ultra-soft microfiber dog towel can be helpful to make your furry play buddy more confident. Our team at Sassoons goes above and beyond to provide for our customers with a luxurious feel at affordable prices. If you’d like to see more, you can browse our catalog!