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Transforming Bedtime Experience With Cotton Bedsheets For Double Bed

You’re lying on the bedsheet for a third of your day, so why not choose them as the ones you can’t wait to crawl into? Surely, you will want your linen to feel great yet last long. What if, we tell you that it looks amazingly beautiful too? If you want to skip the guesswork, consider these five things before you choose your bedsheets for a double bed.

Far from being a functional accessory, bedsheets also contribute to the overall aesthetic and comfort of the room. With a plethora of options available, selecting the right bedsheet can be overwhelming. Here is some essential knowledge that will help you make an informed decision.

Buy Bedsheets for Double Beds Online In India

Gone are the days of setting for dull, scratchy bedsheets. Sassoon will help you create a sleep haven that is stylish and comfortable too. We are sure you will not resist to buy only one.

  • Silky Smoothness: If you are looking to add a luxurious feel, try indulging in the unparalleled luxury of cotton satin sheets. Satin sheets don’t trap heat, instead, they allow the passage of cool air. These CATANIA Cotton Super King-Size Bedsheet 400TC come with two pillow covers with piped edges for a perfect polished look. It comes in fade-resistant colors for long-lasting vibrancy.
  • Crisp and Cool: If you are looking for a lightweight, durable, and soft touch, try using high-quality cotton polyester or polyester bedsheets for double beds. They are quite lustrous like silk and are often confused with silk for the softness in their feel. The best part is that it doesn’t wrinkle easily. 
  • Cozy Comfort: It is important to be aware of how your body reacts to different kinds of fabrics. Polyester sheets are tear-free and long-lasting. Brushed for extra softness and warmth, they will envelop you in a hug-like embrace.

Buy Different Types of Bedsheets For Double Bed At Sassoon

Regardless of how comfortable your bedsheets are, you will not be satisfied unless you find the perfect one that matches your aesthetic. Have a look at the Sassoon collection of cotton bedsheets online to make sure you are buying a sheet you’ll be proud to put on your bed.

Double Bedsheets

If you are looking for luxe smoothness, Sassoon offers bedsheets for double beds that make a statement with their matching or contrasting patterns. A snug haven for couples, roommates, or solo sprawlers, it is tailored to give your room a refreshing look.

Super King Size Bedsheets

Sasson’s digitally printed king-size cotton bedsheets measure 2.70 M x 2.50 M. However, to give our clients extra comfort, our super king-size bedsheet measures 2.75 M x 2.75 M.

Fitted Bedsheets 

If you are a pet owner or have kids in the house who love tossing and turning on the bed. Use Sassoon fitted bedsheets that remain intact no matter how much tossing and turning happens.

Kids Bedsheets

Unleash your child’s imagination and turn bedtime into a magical adventure. Sassoon kids bedsheet is a delightful choice as it can bring your child’s favorite characters alive on their bed.

Cotton Bedsheets

Cotton is a popular fabric choice when it comes to bedsheets. Surely, 100% cotton bedsheets online are must-haves for those looking for soothing cool bedding on summer nights.

How To Choose Premium Quality Bedsheets For Double Bed

Fiber Content: Choosing The Right Material

You must have heard about different types of bedsheets like crisp cotton sheets, cozy funnels, textured lines, and so on. But what sets one apart from the other is what you need to know! There are various types of cotton bedding, typically distinguished by their different properties.

Lightweight cotton bedsheets online tend to be cooler and more breathable. It is the best for their ability to cool in summer. Bedding experts at Sassoon believe that one should have bedsheets as per the weather conditions. Choose cotton ones for summers, sateen cotton for some special days, and polyester sheets for winters. 

Thread Count

The thread count of bedsheets is measured by the number of vertical and horizontal threads present in one square inch of the fabric. It is assumed that higher thread sheets mean a softer sheet, however, experts at Sassoons believe that various materials have their own optimal counts based on how the fabric is woven. 

Great Quality

If you are looking for greater quality bedsheets, a thread count of 300 or more allows you to enjoy solace and a mushy feel. While these are durable, it will cover your bed perfectly with fine texture and finish, perfect to uplift the interior of the room. For this reason, Sassoon manufactures all its kids' bedsheets in 300TC, ideal for kids to enjoy their gloopy sleep.

Luxury at par

Bedsheets having the highest thread counts make your ordinary room look luxurious. It will not only add comfort but will also elevate the overall style of the room effectively. 

Measure the Mattress

If you know the size of your mattress, buying a bedsheet will be a breeze. Although standard bedding should be consistent with conventional sizes, it is advised to measure your mattress’s length, depth, and width to ensure the bedsheet fits properly.

Color Or Patterned

Unless you’re a strict proponent of all-white bedding, you can try a chromatic route to invite an unexpected touch of color to your space. You can find bedsheets in every hue, with rich patterns, geometrical patterns, motifs, retro florals, or trending styles. If you are reluctant about going all out with a solid hue or print, dip your toes in 100% cotton king-size bedsheets that come in plain colors.

If you are a parent or pet owner, you know the importance of finding the color that hides stains. While brown sheets can help disguise stains left behind by accidents, shades of gray conceal a wide range of stains including marks from sweat or dirt. Green shades like the backyard design from 100% cotton printed bedsheets for double bed are ideal for hiding dirt, grass stains, and a variety of messes that your pets may bring along from their daily walk.