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What is GSM For Towels? Choose The Best GSM For Bath Towels

Bath towels are typically the hardest working members to keep our bodies dry and clean. While they do add the look and feel of a bathing room, it is an extremely crucial part of our daily routine as it is the first fabric that we use daily. Whether you want to use it yourself or dry your pet after wash, avoid choosing a towel from its touch alone and dive deep into finding high-quality towels. Here GSM for towels plays a vital part in the selection process. 

At one point, you must be thinking about what truly means the best GSM for bath towels and why is it so important to select them. 

What is GSM For Bath Towels

Ever wondered why some towels feel luxuriously thick and absorbent, while others resemble glorified sandpaper? The answer lies in the GSM for towels, a seemingly cryptic code that unlocks the secrets of bath towel quality.

GSM also known as grams per square is a standard textile measurement that accounts for the plushness, thickness, and weight of the towels. It is a crucial factor in indicating how dense and absorbent a towel is and therefore it directly affects its softness, durability, and overall performance. 

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Key Features Of GSM For Towels

In the world of towels, weight translates to several key features that you should know:

  • Softness & Thickness: The best GSM for towels boasts more fibers per square inch, which means a plusher and thicker feel. If you want to know the difference then imagine sinking into a cloud compared to patting yourself dry with a thin sheet.
  • Absorbency Matters: Since more fibers equate to a greater surface area, it leads to superior water absorption. Higher GSM towels soak up moisture like a champ, leaving skin dry and refreshed.
  • Durability: Thicker towels withstand wear and tear better. This makes them resist thinning and fraying out over time. It is therefore advised to consider high GSM towels a worthwhile investment.

But wait! There’s a lot more to it. GSM isn’t a magic bullet.

Unveiling The Sweet Spot of Luxury & Performance

Stepping out of the hot shower and grabbing a towel? Disappointment awaits when a towel fails to absorb, leaving you damp and yearning for more. Compared to towels under 380 GSM, Sassoon offers a wide range of collections ranging from 380 to 700 GSM offering a perfect balance of thickness and manageability. Read the comparison below to know how the best GSM for bath towels differs from towels with low GSM.

Under 380 GSM

380 to 700 GSM


Light, flimsy

Mid-weight, plush



Very absorbent


Coarse and uncomfortable

Soft and fluffy

Dry Time


Average, relatively easy to wash and dry

If you are looking for a winning combination of thickness, absorbency, and manageability, choose from Sassoon towels that offer a luxurious feel in a practical experience.

Towel Showdown: Choose Your Perfect Bath Companion

Stepping out of a warm shower demands a worthy companion. The choice of a perfect towel can be overwhelming as we are sure you can't resist buying just one. Delve into the unique features of each contender to find your ideal match:

Zero Twist Cotton Towel: 

You can imagine sinking into a cloud of pure luxury. No rough rubs here! Its untwisted loops create a smooth, velvety texture that feels incredibly gentle on the skin.

Egyptian Cotton Towel: 

Known for its regality, Egyptian cotton boasts extra-long fibers that translate into luxurious softness and resilience for longer durability.

Microfiber Towel: 

The thin profile of these towels wicks away moisture exceptionally quickly.

100% Cotton Towel: 

Available in various thicknesses, weaves, and price points, a 100% cotton towel is a classic option for versatility and affordability.

Bamboo Towels: 

A unique blend of comfort and luxury, these towels are crafted from rapidly renewable bamboo fibers. Their porous nature allows exceptional water absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good GSM for bath towels?

Here at Sassoon, we typically advise you to choose a bath towel of 380 GSM or more. The towel in the range of 380 to 700 GSM is hefty and not heavy yet is of high quality. These are considered the best GSM for bath towels as they offer consistent and reliable performance with a wonderful feel.

What does 600 GSM towels mean?

With more fibers per square inch, 600 GSM towels feel undeniably thicker and more substantial. Its increased surface area means unmatched water absorption. These towels aren’t excessively dense and allow faster drying times, thereby ensuring towels stay fresh after every use and preventing mildew growth.

What is the highest GSM for towels?

GSM holds sway in the towel kingdom, its upper limits are shrouded in mystique. Towels above 700 GSM delve into the realm of extreme thickness. These behemoths offer unparalleled absorbency but holding on to its laundry day becomes a workout itself. Their sheer thickness can significantly increase drying time and are not suitable for travel or on-the-go activities.

Is 500 GSM good for towels?

In the quest for the perfect towel, the best GSM for bath towels reigns supreme. But with options ranging from lightweight 300 GSM to ultra-plush 700 GSM, where does 500 GSM for towels stand for? Towels close to 500 GSM offer a happy medium between luxury and practicality. It feels thicker and substantially provides comfort in a pampering experience.

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