How can you use Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber is a synthetic material, the fibre that is used to make a cleaning towel is split microfiber. This fabric gives great cleaning property as it's as thin as a human hair divided into 40 parts. One sq. Inch of the patch of microfiber will have approx. 2,00,000 fibres just for the motive of cleaning.

Microfiber cloth is widely used for cleaning as it provides better and faster results, with not so expensive cost and great value for price people are shifting from cotton to microfiber for regular use.

There are multiple ways to use a microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes, with great qualities this one fabric can be used on different platforms and places:

  1. Dusting Surfaces at Homes - Dust particles may not be that visible to naked eyes but they exist. They are too small and fine but are harmful to babies or adults with breathing issues. Microfiber is fine and that's why it's a great fabric to go for. As microfiber is charged, it attracts the negatively charged dust particles that can be present in your homes or offices. This makes it efficient even when it's not wet.
  2. Wiping Kitchenware - Most of the regular and cotton towels leave marks and micro-droplets of water on the surface when used. This makes the surface full of spots and unclean. Rather, if you use microfiber cleaning clothes it makes the cleaning tasks much faster and easier, without leaving any mark, microfiber cleaning cloth, leaves the cutlery shiny and clean.
  3. Car interiors -  Interiors of the cars have patterns and uneven surfaces, onto that, the pollution and pollutants settle in these surfaces which makes it impossible to be clean and fresh. The fine fibres of the microfiber cleaning cloth reach the depths of these uneven surfaces and make your car safe and healthy.

On the other hand, the exterior of a car goes their multiple kinds of weather and rough terrain, a thick layer of sand and dust is usually visible are few days. Microfiber towels hold these particles over rubbed on the surface. To make your car safe and give a polished look.

  1. Electronic appliances - Electronic appliances are delicate and sensitive. You cannot use water as that may for obvious reasons, too much chemical makes it unsafe and sometimes, the fabric may even leave a scratch that is not something you want. That's why microfiber is a perfect cleaning partner for electronics; it doesn't leave spots or scratches, doesn't need too much water or chemicals and also, removes oil spots in case you use it on kitchen appliances.


Microfibre Cleaning Cloth 

With multiple uses and high-efficiency microfiber comes with many great properties and one of those of easy maintenance. Once used you can easily wash the microfiber towel with water and rub out all the dust, once the towel looks clean and healthy simply dry it in light sunlight. It is very helpful and is a must-try product for every household.


Featured image source: Photo by Liliana Drew from Pexels

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