How to Make a Room Kid Friendly

What comes to your mind when you plan to redesign a room for your Kid? Some shades and toys and maybe some books? 

Well, a kid's room is much more than just that. It is where your kids are going to spend most of their day. Their room is their play area and also, their study room and that's why it's important to maintain the balance between the accessories and the space in a kid's room.

We know it could be a challenging task, from choosing a hue that they like to the shade that compliments their belongings, from enough storage to fit all the books into leaving enough space for their playtime. You need to take many things into account including their cognitive and mental development on one hand and physical development on the other. A good room will be viable for your child from today to at least the next 5 years of their lives. And that’s why you need to look at the bigger picture while planning for a room design for your kids.

Here are the 6 points that we would recommend to ponder upon while you design a bedroom for your kids.

Add colors and prints: 

The first step is to choose the hue, which is the color theme of the room. The look and feel of the room majorly depend on the colors and shades you go for, as every color has its own mood where yellow means happy Grey means formal or blue may feel cool. The color of the room affects the mood of the people inside the room.

With base color, it's better to add some design on the walls it can be a wallpaper, murals or a wall sticker. They add a hint of creativity and loads of space for Fun.

Leave enough space:

While choosing the furniture and fixtures this point is a must know. While growing up kids need enough space to play and roll and be physically active in their rooms and jamming the space with too many things. Leaving a place is one of the ways you can Ace your designing game as when it comes to kid's rooms "less is more".

Double up the storage:

We would recommend to double up the storage and then add some more. Keeping your room neat and tidy is a habit that one must practice from the beginning. Be it toys or books, from an early stage you should provide enough space for your kids to put their things in place. 

Kids have many things that they need for daily use like clothes, books, toys, activity-related things and everything should have a particular shelf in the room where it should be put. Other than this, it's important to keep your kid's height in mind while choosing the furniture and fixtures so that they can reach up to the handles when needed, it makes their everyday life simpler.

Keep little ones busy:

By this we mean to add some activity area, maybe build a hut, instrument of their choice or puzzles or pool in the balcony. Something that should encourage their cognitive development must be added in the room. With time and interest, the activity may change or you may shuffle through a few, at one point in time. During their growing years, kids are full of energy and it's a great time to experiment through the options to see where the interest lies and grows with time.

Layers are your best friend:

Adding theme and vibes to your kid's bedroom is easier said than done and there's no one trick that you can apply while doing so. But one way to make this hectic task much easier is surely layers. Layers are fabric like curtains, bedsheets, rugs or dry sheets that are must-haves in a bedroom. They help you add the colors in your room décor while leaving enough space for experimentation, also, they help you change the look of the room often with a pocket-friendly budget and have a wide variety of options.

Add magic:

The correct definition of this point depends on you and your child. Every child is unique and their room, room décor and room accessories must complement their unique identity and style. By adding some art pieces or leaving the space for imagination will help you change the mood of the room from boring to brilliant.

We would recommend keeping your child's personality in your mind while designing their room décor. And by being creative and artistic you can give that special touch in the room that your child will love.

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