Ideas to use old bedsheets

There are many different ways through which you can reuse an old bedsheet, basically, some cutting and stitching with precision and these amazing, soft cotton bed sheets are good to reuse.

If you are looking for ways to put use to your bedsheet. We believe you must be interested in exploring some option of bedsheets.


Here are a few ways you can reuse an old bedsheet.

  1. Make cloth napkins: Basically used around the dining table cloth napkins are cotton fabric cut into small squares with the size around 10*10 inches. You can easily make multiple cloth napkins using an old bedsheet as it's easier and cost efficient as well.
  1. Backdrop for pictures: Who doesn't like a good Instagram picture and trend with what's in?  The old rusty bedsheets work great as a backdrop for indoor shoots as they provide a plain background so that the focus can be on you and bring forward the whole attire that you are wearing.
  1. Use shades for plants: For cities where the weather can go from extremely cold to extremely hot there are various issues that plants may face, from exhausting moisture or yellowing and drying of leaves, old used bedsheets can be used as shades to make sure that plants stay fresh and moist.
  1. Paint drop cloth: Don't we hate to spend money on over expensive drop cloths or canvas when we can easily use cotton bed sheets as a canvas which are just lying around on our house.
  1. Make pillow covers: We all have spare pillows and cousins who can't find the correct covers, or in case the pillows are too large or too small you can always use bedsheets as makeshift pillow covers, just stitch the edges together and you're all good to go.
  1. Curtains:  Rugged and faded curtains are surely trending and to be able to make them from unused bedsheets are smarter and cost-saving. Going for the color and tone that matches your personality surely talks a bunch about your outlook and nothing compares to a good, sustainable decor.
  1. Pet bed: We love the little furballs but sometimes they get too much to manage properly, with all the dust, body hair and skin conditions neither are it smart not advisable to let your pet sleep directly on the bed and couch, that's when old bedsheets act as a savior, they are soft and act as a shield to protect your fabric and furniture from dust and body hair.

There are so many more uses of a used bedsheet as stated above and of course, the list would be much longer but we will let your imagination do the trick.

With modern prints, good quality fabric and radiant colors these bed sheets work amazingly as a product that can be reused easily.

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